About Us

Originally formed as a group of like-minded speed and agility trainers on InstaGram the FootDoctor Sports Marketing has become an industry leader in training athletes and trainers. The Co-founders had the vision to organize performance trainers from all sports and to create a BASE program that would allow for standard training criteria to be met wherever you see the logo.

Our Team

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Founder & Foot Doctor

Seth Minter

Starting with the local rec leagues in Baltimore County Seth excelled in baseball, basketball and his passion, football. He decided to focus on football and his schoolwork at Catonsville High School which paid off in a full scholarship to Bowie State University. This is where the story of the “Foot Doctor” begins. Though Seth now travels around the world to train top athletes, he still maintains a passion for teaching and learning from others and believes that any and all training should be done as close to nature (whether human or not) as possible.

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Managing Partner

Ray Terry

"My job is to continually search for tools trainers will need to create better movement in human beings." Taking principals learned in life and the U.S Navy Ray has taken up the never-ending quest to find new and different ways to help humans perform better and get them in the hands of trainers. 

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